Seven Paintings, June 2022

Nasrin Parvaz became a civil rights activist when the Islamic regime took power in 1979. She was arrested in 1982, and spent eight years in prison. Her books are One Woman’s Struggle in Iran, A Prison Memoir and The Secret Letters from X to A (Victorina Press 2018).

Nasrin’s poetry and stories have been published in different anthologies. Her paintings were accepted for inclusion in the exhibitions, Calendar and for postcards. Learn more at


Petition: More Than 50 Political Prisoners Who Were Tortured Are Condemned to Execution in Iran

More than 50 political prisoners who were tortured and spent time in solitary confinement are condemned to execution. Some of them are condemned with two charges of execution and some are also condemned with public execution. All of them were born during the Islamic regime and were arrested in a peaceful demonstration.

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